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Sun 9th Dec

To the Moon

Art thou pale for weariness
Of climbing Heaven, and gazing on the earth,
Wandering companionless
Among the stars that have a different birth,--
And ever changing, like a joyless eye
That finds no object worth its constancy?

Percy Bysshe Shelley

Sat 8th Dec
JEEPS tour next April with this amazing Irish band, Myles Manley & The Little People:

Sat 8th Dec
If you saw the video of Jeeps playing I Remember Luutzen the other week, then you'll know a little bit about this guy already.. maybe. It's Luutzen's new video, good friend from Berlin & forthcoming Love Rival, enjoy:

Sat 8th Dec
Sometimes I feel like monkey dat wake up with all the tree gone, and sit on jungle floor wondrin' what to do while musing on a meandering ant or two. Other times, like these ones today, there are so many trees that I swing amongst the branches making happy, productive monkey-noises all day long.

So what does this mean, to the likes of you and I? I means that I've almost completely lost my bananas, but no matter, ting get done. That back catalogue is well on it's way, I've contacted studios we recorded at & received the original audio files, but there is one minor dilemma that I'm facing day to day, regarding the passage of time & the authenticity of the past. Take, for example, the original 7-Track Demo by TheBed. We were pressed for time recording that, and though it turned out to be the most popular thing I've ever done, there were plenty things that I would have changed, had I more occasion. So is it right for me to make those changes now? On a minor scale, I think it's absolutely fine, but what about when it's a line of vocal that is beyond repair, or in the case of Kimberly Waves, a vocal that was never recorded? It's a far better version than the one on the Streetfighter II EP, except that we didn't have time to record the main vocal; is it wrong to add that now?

There's a pleasing symmetry to the fact that I'm now mixing these tracks from the 7-track demo, 11 years after they were recorded, in this exact same room.

Fri 7th Dec
Seems a little strange that it happened on (extended) Moon Week, but ex NASA peeps have just set up a company that takes people to the moon for a fuckton of money. At that price, you'd expect more than this God-awful promotional video for the enterprise, which I'm not linking to because I don't recommend watching it in the slightest:

Thu 6th Dec
Beautiful new instrumental from our William Nein:

Wed 5th Dec
I did go & told ya that Berliner attitudes have changed a lot in recent years. And not that it's right, but I got sick of the English dickhead influx too, even though I'm their king: Guardian Article Thing

Tue 4th Dec
Moonweek is really hitting it off, so rather than having an "I wish it was still moonweek" week, I've made that wish come true & cut out the middle man. It's still moonweek. Principally because no good picture on a lunar eclipe was forthcoming.

Booking a small UK tour in April for JEEPS & Myles Manley & The Little People, those shows are gonna be so much fun, any venue who wants to book us please get in touch.

Taking a little journey across Italy in Jan, so if anyone knows a cosy place I can play, lemme know. Route is kinda Verona->Bologne->Florence--->Rome.

Tue 4th Dec

Mon 3rd Dec
Myles Manley has been lightly, tunefully banging on about this band Trumpets of Jericho for a while now so I gave em another listen & how right he is, great stuff (although I don't get along with the first track for some reason). Thank you. A couple of the tracks are free to download, it's that arrow pointing south on the right hand side innit. Oh where's it fucking gone now:

Sat 1st Dec
A couple acoustic shows coming up for JEEPS:

Sun 9th Dec at the George & Vulture in Hoxton: FB Event
Sun 16th Dec at the Boogaloo in Highgate, North London

Fri 30th Nov
Celebrated my brand new love of CDs by buying this great album from Niandra Lades:

Fri 30th Nov
Aiming to have all my old recordings released in some form or another, the best stuff has still not been heard, and I was just thinking.. and I know it's crazy.. how about on CD? I kinda like CDs, they're the music format of my generation, and since I sold all mine to fund a flight to New York some time ago, I kinda feel their magic all over again. I'm gonna get my entire back catalogue polished, then maybe I'll do a complete works boxset :p

In the meantime, I should probably tidy up that selected discography page.

Fri 30th Nov
My niece came home from school & said she had learned something very important about baby Jesus. Quite surprised that they were teaching anything philosophical to 3 year olds, my sister asked what was the most important thing she had learned about baby Jesus, and my niece answered "Not to drop him." Some nativity play, no doubt. In other news, two lesbian gangsters hugged & prayed for me on the last tube home Wednesday evening, Shannon Wright was the best band I've ever seen (alright alright, top 3) and drummerboots Riley is scheduled back in town in Feb, so I'm booking full band Jeeps shows for next Springtime & beyond.

Wed 28th Nov

Tue 27th Nov
The past has caught up with me today. I am the rabbit, she the tortoise. Time is an old man, so the past must be a young girl. The fresh-faced tortoise princess. Many beautiful people under the moon, and a wholesome handful atop, what a cardinal smattering of wonderment to behold! The living & the dead, the sane & the decapitated, bear witness to this sunken love, arising. This ruinous heart aspiring to light, mustering warmth through a kindled forgiveness, aqueous reflections, awe & lambent genuflections.

Rest in peace, my friend.

Mon 26th Nov
Fuckin'ell man, I'm right now falling in love with the music of Shannon Wright after a yearlong underbubblin' romance, so I look to see if she's playing anytime soon & would you believe it, she's in London this Thursday, the day I finally get some money & can leave the house, reeeesult mate!

Mon 26th Nov
Just woke up to this headline:

U.S. 'planned to blow up Moon' with nuke during Cold War era to show Soviets might.

What an absolute bunch of cunts, I fuckin' like that moon a lot. It's, like, my all time favourite moon, man. I could have been born into a world with no moon. And Carl Sagan was in on it? Thought I was reading the Onion for a moment there, but that shit is real. That Carl Sagan has a lot to answer for in my book.

In other people's books, however:

Some information is classified legitimately; as with military hardware, secrecy sometimes really is in the national interest. Further, military, political, and intelligence communities tend to value secrecy for its own sake. It's a way of silencing critics and evading responsibility - for incompetence or worse. It generates an elite, a band of brothers in whom the national confidence can be reliably vested, unlike the great mass of citizenry on whose behalf the information is presumably made secret in the first place. With a few exceptions, secrecy is deeply incompatible with democracy and with science.
- Carl Sagan

I'm just thankful that, after a speech like that, he didn't go & blow up the fuckin' moon.

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