Glen Strachan is a raging belljester, currently working on long-term project The Love Rivals, 36 character portraits celebrating the individual.

Jeeps is a London-based indie band that formed in 2011 in Berlin. Jeeps' unique sound combines improbable songwriting with post-punk energy, adorned with polished, complex harmonies & ethereal dream pop elements burnt up in fuzz.

Jeeps put together ambitious and financially hopeless DIY tours in the UK and the rest of the world, playing everywhere from little mountain villages in northern Italy to punk basements in Berlin to Webster Hall in New York, rehearsing on trains and sleeping in cars.

Jeeps' debut album Muster Point was released on Straw Port Records in early 2016.

Eclectic London-based folk group with elements of post-punk sounds and complex compositions.
Evening Standard

Avante-garde. Experimental. Whatever it is, Jeeps' take on Alt-Rock is ingenious.
The Revue

They are the fence to scratch an irritated hide against and the branch that wears against its kin, perhaps the self harm of Nature itself..
Art of Jazz

With roots in Berlin & Stockholm, Jeeps unique sound combines traditional folk song writing with post-punk energy, adorned with polished, complex harmonies & ethereal dream pop elements.
The Elgin

After the break up of The Bed, Glen immediately began working on a new musical project titled England & The April, who played their first show at the Dublin Castle, Camden Town, in April 2005. The line-up was Glen Strachan (Vocals, Guitar), Jae Kerwood (Drums, Vocals) and Rachel Thomas (Bass, Vocals). Working with two classically trained musicians led the band to explore harmony-rich, textured, elaborate song structures and interest in the band grew slowly but steadily until Jae quit the band as a drummer in 2007. He stayed on as a keyboard player, adding his harmony vocals, and Omar from The Bed returned to fill in on drums. Three albums were released in the short time the band remained together, Safety In Cucumbers (2005), The Ghostcone Trilogy (2006) and Sticking Up For Pluto (2007).

England and the April take pop, punk, psychedelia and folk sounds, then compact them into dreamily haunting harmonies. Fused into the gems are elements of Velvet Underground, Fairport Convention and acoustic Stone Roses. Live performances are rare, as the band are obsessed with polishing each song until it sparkles.

From hard-cracked rock compulsion to jazzy romps and trickles, from breeziness to thunderstorms, from country and western playfulness to light tumbles with ringing high-hats. The bass wanders through the calm moments with warm purring sounds, and pumps big hooks through the rock and grunge episodes.
Opposition T

The Bed formed in 1999, initially consisting only of Glen on guitar, with Chris Gordon playing bass, and a Sony Playstation running Music (software) as a drum machine. This line-up played their first show at the Acoustic Cafe in Soho. Omar Mansur was in attendance, and after running into Glen at the Ruislip branch of WHSmith (one of Glen's many employers) they decided to play the next show as a 3-piece, with Omar on drums. The band recorded a lot of independent demos which received a mixture of reviews in the underground media, before finally releasing debut single Soma Riot Wave Machine in 2003, confusing the industry and fans alike with its bare bones, stripped down punk production and stark songwriting. The single sold only a few hundred copies and the band broke up shortly afterwards, in the summer of 2004, having played shows with The Futureheads, Scouting For Girls, Special Needs, The Boxer Rebellion, Miss Black America, and many other successful acts of the time. Managed by Robert Pereno, (The Promoter), The Bed regularly appeared on TV station Where It's At, and toured extensively throughout the UK. Demo recordings by The Bed, released posthumously, met with higher regard than the ill-fated Soma Riot Wave Machine.

Raw energy collides with melodic, emotive songwriting.
Picadilly Records

The Bed wrap up warm with a dose of Morrissey and Nirvana and produce a fine grungey, rockin' sound.
Kings Head Promotions

Very worthy and all that, but not pretty-sounding.

They can be delicate, they can be angry, they can be thrilling, they can be messy, they're well worth your time.
Organart / Org Records

Honestly they have all the makings of a great cult band, and cult status doesn't mean commercial success, which means disposable at the moment..
Anonymous Industry Mogul